Thursday, November 19, 2015

Andhra Pradesh intermediate Exam schedule 2015,AP intermediate exam schedule2015

2015 inter schedule ap
  Andhra Pradesh intermediate Exam schedule   

Andhra Pradesh Intermediate schedule  has released recently. Intermediate 1st year Exams begins from March11th onwards and Intermediate 2nd year Exams begins from  March12th onwards.From morning  9to12 thease exams will held. Ethics and Human value  exam will held on jan27th from morning 10am to 1pm.Atmosphere  education exam will held on jam30th.

Practical’s will  held from feb4 to 24.schedule below as like this.

Intermediate 1st year Exam  schedule
11-3-16 second language paper1
14-3-16 English paper1
16-3-16 Maths paper-1A
                  Botanypaper-1,civics paper1,psychology paper1
18-3-16   Maths paper-1B,zoology paper1,history paer1
21-3-16   physics paper1,ec,onomics paper1,classical language paper1
24-3-16 chemistry paper1,commerce paper1,sociology paper1,fine arts,music paper1
24-3-16 ziology paper1,homescience paper1,public administration paer1,logic   Paper1,bridge course maths paper-1 for BI.P.C students only
29-3-16 modern  language paper1,geography  paper1
Intermediate 2ndyear Exam  schedule
12-3-16   second language paper2
15-3-16  english paper2
17-3-16 Maths paper-2A
                  Botanypaper-2,civics paper2,psychology paper2
19-3-16   Maths paper-2B,zoology paper2,history paer2
23-3-16   physics paper2,economics paper2,classical language paper2
28-3-16 ziology paper2,homescience paper2,public administration paer2,logic 
                Paper2,bridge course maths paper-2 for BI.P.C students only
30-3-16 modern  language paper2,geography  paper2
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