Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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Much awaiting  Haleem  hits in Hyderabad. Ramzan special food  likes every hyderbadi. Haleem  business  in  thousand s of crores.  It  exports to various countries like UAE, Afghanistan, Malasia.


PISTA HOUSE: Pista house is brand name  for  Haleem. In this year they come with veg-haleem is made of wheat, dry fruits, and all regular integridents.They are having nearly  200 outlets in city Hyderabad.quality is   first priroty for  pista house. Mutton HALEEM priced from 110 for each bowl. Haleem is available in all major centres of Hyderabad said by owner Majeed.

SHAH  GOUSE: Another vey famous Haleem seller is  SHAH GHOUSE.This special  haleem made up of  Mutton with pure ghee,cashew nuts and onions.Taste wise it  is superb and cant sop you  to buy more. Price starts from  100Rs for each one available  in  all busy centers.

HYDERABAD HOUSE:It also one of good  haleem providers in Hyderabad.Yhey made up  with pounded wheat and  aromatic spices. This  nitrous  special  dish  range starts from 100Rs.

SARVI & 555 CAFÉ: Very famous  Haleem providers in  Hyderabd.They come with Iranian haleem  very delicious one. Its completely different from regular haleem.price also  very economic one  starts from  100 rs.

Enjoy this Monsoon  with hot hot  Haleem.new  variants like fish haleem,veg haleem and Emu haleem  is also available.