Friday, June 28, 2013

e(electronic) waste management rules laws handling procedure in india 2013

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electronic(e) waste management rules laws in india 2013
PUNE: The ministry of environment and forests has asked the state governments and municipal corporations to follow the E-waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011 for proper management and handling of e-waste.

The concept of Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) has been enshrined in these rules. As per these rules the producers are required to collect e-waste generated from the end of life of their products by setting up collection centers or take back systems either individually or collectively. E-waste recycling can be undertaken only in facilities authorized and registered with State Pollution Control Boards (SPCB)/Pollution Control Committee (PCCs). Wastes generated are required to be sold to a registered or authorized recycler or re-processor having environmentally sound facilities. The rule has provision for setting up of collection centre individually or jointly; or by a registered society or a designated agency; or by an association to collect e-waste.